Rabbi Rachamim Bitton is one of the respected Rabbis at the legendary Yeshivah of Mekubalim Nahar Shalom in Jerusalem, the most advanced academy for the study and practice of Kabbalah in the world today. He has been teaching Kabbalah and Chassidus for more than twenty five years.
He was born in Toronto, Canada where he resided until 2002. He then traveled and moved to Israel in order to further accomplish his goal of learning and teaching the secrets of Torah and Kabbalah in the most practical and effective ways.

Rabbi Rachamim Bitton currently serves as a Rabbi, Kabbalist, Motivational Speaker, and a Therapist.
As a Therapist, he helps his clients through Lev-Emunah-Therapy,  a unique integrative therapy he developed which integrates many powerful alternative therapies. Some of the modalities of therapy included are: Emotional Freedom & Releasing techniques, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Compassionate Communication, Breathwork and various forms of advanced Meditation. As part of the Therapy sessions he also helps his clients through Kabbalistic Manifesting counseling, coaching and guidance.
As a Rabbi, he advises people regarding Torah laws, Jewish philosophy, Torah perspectives and Jewish thought. He also gives five weekly classes in Kabbalah and profound Chasidic insight.
As a Kabbalist, he studies and teaches at the famous “Yeshivat Nahar Shalom”, the legendary century-old academy of Kabbalah in Jerusalem.

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