When Rabbi Bitton developed his therapy and coaching practice, he looked for modalities that were approved and favored by the Torah. He’s been studying Torah and Kabbalah in Yeshiva for over 25 years and has spent the past ten years studying and teaching Torah and Kabbalah as part of the Nahar Shalom Yeshiva of Mekubalim in Jerusalem. He referred to his Torah and Kabbalah background to understand which elements of these modalities are aligned with the Torah’s approach to life, healing, wellbeing and success and which elements the Torah would recommend as being the most effective game changers.

The therapy he developed and practices is a fusion and an integration of Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Releasing technique, NVC, Reality Creation, Reality Transurfing, LOA, Manifesting, The Emotion Code, Breathwork, Heart Coherence, Theta Healing, Silva Method, Enneagram, TFT, Bengston Method, and various other healing methods, Mindfulness Meditation and various other Meditation modalities.

Rabbi Bitton’s clients have enjoyed the success of applying this therapy to:

💠Release emotional blocks and limiting beliefs.
💠Heal relationships; with their own self, friends and family members.
💠Learn how to create and enjoy empathic connections.
💠Get more and more into states of heart coherence and compassionate awareness.
💠Stop procrastinating.
💠Dissolve fears and anxieties.
💠Heal from addictions
💠Heal from depression, apathy and grief.
💠Heal from guilt and shame.
💠Learn to meditate like an advanced well experienced meditator.
💠Learn to clarify, empower and manifest their highest intentions and deepest desires.
💠Identify the issues blocking them subconsciously and dissolve them.
💠Get into inspired action.
💠Get in touch with their intuition.
💠Sleep better.
💠Improve their memory.
💠Increase their joy and laughter in life.
💠Heal many other personal issues specific to each client.

Services Offered:

🌟Weekly Therapy Sessions (four per month)
🌟One Therapy Session
🌟Counseling, Advice and Consultation Sessions
🌟LOA and Manifesting Coaching
🌟Life Coaching
🌟Compassionate Communication Sessions
🌟Relationship Healing
🌟Meditation and Breathwork
🌟Kabbalistic Consultation
🌟All-Included Monthly Package
The regular price is $100 per session but there are discounts available and discounted subscription plans.

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